Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Winter on the Farm

I love the coziness of winter.
 We are doing well through it. Fritz staying rested and warm by the fire. I knitting,
 reading and listening to books, music and podcasts.

Both of us enjoying time.

Hassie has never grown a good fleece, but she is such a sweetheart. 

The sheep prefer to spend most of their time outside, even when it is 4F as it was a or so week ago. They even sleep outside in the barnyard despite a spacious indoor stall with plenty of soft bedding.

I like to let some of the former flowers go to seed to keep the birds happy through the winter,

which can be quite pretty.

Ummm….did you get any to your stomachs there big guy?! 

The snow is gone now, but rumor is more over the weekend. Another rumor is that a few grandchildren want to come to play in that snow.
We will be happy to have them. 

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Kid Knits

For the girls.

For the boys.

Papa's tractor! (sort of?)

For the seven year old that came to me with his own design.

For one of the three year olds that hates to wear mittens,

but loves dinosaur hands.

With two more grands on the way, I am sure there will be many more kid knits in my future.

All that makes for a very happy Marme.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Family is Forever

Yes, it truly is.

Even if sometimes forever is defined as a fast and fun 24ish hours of us all being together at my favorite place for Christmas. Good food, lots of laughter, great stories, fun with all the grands...

...all the ordinary stuff that makes a family life great.

 Atlanta area clay artist Pam Arena and creator of  'Unpack our Hearts' and I were neighbors and painting pals a long time ago. 
As in when we had infants and toddlers, long time ago. 
Even though miles and years have separated us, I always thought of our time together as one of my favorite friendships.
She sent me one of her creations several months ago at a time when Fritz was struggling health wise and our family was filled with fear and uncertainty. A perfect, needed reminder that no matter what, Family is Forever. 
I knew right away where it would be placed.

On our family tree.

That majestic oak that keeps watch over our farm and my sheep.
The place where we gathered to say goodbye to our Ray.
The place where we gathered again a year later to Celebrate the Marriage of our Tommy and Chelsie.
A place where the extraordinary moments make a family stronger. 
So with Fritz now feeling well, and all my loves home, the time was right to unpack my heart. 

Family is Forever
Family fills my heart.
I trust your Christmas was just as joyous. 

{A very special rendition of the Holy Family made with the hand and thumb prints of each of our grandchildren}
{Plenty of room for more sheep thumbprints, just saying}

For inspiring stories of all the places all over the world where Pam's hearts have traveled, follow
#Unpackourhearts on Instagram

Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday, August 3, 2018

The Road LessTraveled

A somewhat impromptu tic-off-the-bucket-list trip to Wyoming took us to the iconic National Park highlight spots of the Grand Tetons 

and Yellowstone. 

But the Crowds and the tight parking and the RVs and the tour buses and waiting patiently for my turn through the mobs to snap the required photo ops,

and all the buffalo jams (of which I was a participant at our first 3 or 4... or 12 bison sightings) 

wasn't quite the nature inspired wide open space I had always imagined that part of the country to be.

So we did what we do, 
rented an off road machine (a little less demanding than a dirt bike),

picked up a trail map and some supplies and headed out deep into Teton 
National Forest recreation area.

And found what we were looking for. 

Never once paying attention to any Dead End or Caution Ahead sign in any way.
 There simply is too much to experience off the beaten path and down the side roads. 

We crossed paths with a group of campers and a few fishermen but other than that felt like the entire place was put there just for us.

Here's a little action video we had fun making. 
Obviously we didn't run off any cliffs!
Life is good.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Family Time is the Best Time

Getting them all together in one place at one time is such a blessing. 
This year's weekend Kesterfest  was held at a lovely VRBO vineyard property

 in North Carolina that not only accommodated us with enough spread out sleeping space, but also offered an array of activities for all. 
Like rock wall jumping

 and ziplining into the pond

 and water trampoline flips

 and kayak tug of wars 

and skeet shooting,

and hanging out with the ever changing matchups of best buddies

and a bit of just plain hanging out, funny story telling and lots of laughter. 

Always lots of laughter.

The daughter and daughters-in-laws cooked up some fabulous meals, the nighttime bonfires roared, the secret walled garden was discovered and enjoyed by many,
everyone's kiddos became everyone else's kiddos and Fritz and I loved watching every moment of it.

 Time is the best gift of all.