Monday, October 11, 2010


A man need not know how to name all the oaks or the moths, or be able to recognize a synclinal fault, or tell time by the stars, in order to possess Nature. He may have his mind solely on growing larkspurs, or he may love a boat and a sail and a blue-eyed day at sea. He may have a bent for making paths or banding birds, or he may be only an inveterate and curious walker.
But I contend that such a fellow has the best of life - he and the Naturalists. You are ignorant of life if you do not love it or some portion of it, just as it is, as shaft of light from a nearby star, a flash of blue saltwater that curls around the five upthrust rocks of the continents, a net of green leaves spread to catch the lightand use it, and you, walking under the trees. You, a handful of supple earth and long white stones, with seawater running in your veins.

- Donald Culross Peattie
  An Almanac for Moderns

Photos taken October 2010 in Sedona Arizona by myself and Husband, renewed in commitment to one another and to the earth that we love.

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