Monday, December 13, 2010

Smiley Face Cookies

When my children were little (and not so little), a special treat for each was to get to go to the grocery store 'alone' in with out the other siblings..with me.
They all had their own way of 'helping' me on these solo expeditions, but the one commonality is the side trip to the baked goods section of our Local Giant Food Store to pick out their oh so Delicious BIG SMILEY FACE COOKIE 

Last week, I had the Joy of babysitting my grandson here in the new digs for several days during which time, I found that my new local Giant Food Store still makes BIG SMILEY FACE COOKIES!

I'm Really glad to pass on a favorite tradition...

As big as C's Smile is, you should have seen mine!

1 comment:

BENScopingau said...

...yes, we need a "play-day" for our grandsons!!
Wie gefällt Euch die neue Wohnung? Habt Ihr Euch schon an die neuen Räume gewöhnt?
Haben alle Möbel ihren Platz gefunden?
Schöne Grüße aus Schöppingen
Annette u. Bernd-Elmar