Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Attention has turned back to further renovations inside the farmhouse. Specifically the Dining Room. I want this one room in our home to be a bit more formal that the rest.  I have so many family treasures that have been cooped up in boxes for a year and half now....I just can't wait to get them unpacked and our dining room furniture moved in.
The best way to start is by putting up some mouldings. The room we will be using was previously set up as an office by the former owners (lots and lots and lots of outlets and shelves and a HUGE built in desk the took a bit of doing to get out). The space is part of a newer addition to the house and a bit lacking in character.  A nifty little trick to save a few bucks on large crown mouldings is to put up 2 separate mouldings spaced apart and paint out the wall space between to create the illusion of one piece.

Fritz did a fabulous job working around all those outlets when installing the chair rail.

We also ripped out the this baseboards and replaced them with a nice 6" board consistent with the older part of the home.

Now onto draperies...

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Allison said...

We are buying a house and I will post about it when it's a done deal. But for now, I will say thanks for posting this! My husband saw the molding in a friend's house in America and really wants to have some in our house. Now to see if we can find a way to do it here, where molding is a rare find. More pictures and tips, if you please!