Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fencing, even ugly chicken wire and whateverwecanfindtostakeitwith ugly fencing, can keep the rabbits, groundhogs and deer from totally gorging on the garden.
But walking out to the damage of potato beetle larvae, cabbage worms,

 and those mean little Japanese Beetles

is making my blood boil
(actually the heat is doing that, but I really hate the beetles more, so I will blame it on them).
Yet, I am determined to grow this food without dumping insecticide on, so plucking the pests off and into a bucket of soapy water will have to do.
 Perhaps I should be very thankful for all that is blooming and happy.
Clockwise: okra, runner beans, sunflowers, zinnias, eggplant, and beautiful fragrant dill (which will be harvested over the weekend along with an overabundance of cucumbers for pickle making).  
Or just grow enough for my family AND the critters.

Yes.. that's a good plan.

Although it would be nice to see more of the helpful winged munchers like this in the young asparagus bed.


TexWisGirl said...

one of the reasons i don't attempt a garden (texas heat is the other one and a messed up growing season compared to what i grew up w/ up north). anyway, we have grasshoppers destroying everything here, so i understand your frustration.

Sue said...

we have an abundance of blackfly at the moment, I make up a bottle of soapy water and spray with that, then go back later with kitchen roll and try to wipe the resulting mess away. Apart from that its the slugs and snails that we have a problem with. The joy of gardening, its just as well we plant plenty, some for us some for the bugs!!

Kathryn Ray said...

I noticed yesterday that something is eating my sage.... and the lovely, adorable birds ate most of my cherries, again. grrr.

Your garden is lovely and I agree, it's fine if they eat some, but I don't like it when they eat all... or a little bit of each piece of fruit. ;-)

Cathy H. said...

I think you're so brave to even attempt gardening! I can't tolerate the heat or the bugs!

Loretta Thomas said...

I have had the same problems those horn worms are about to drive me beans on my tomatoes! Pickin' those darn buggers off is the sure way to get 'em!
Your garden is really it!
hugs, Loretta & Kitty

Lynne said...

Oh I am with you . . . Japanese Beatles . . , BE GONE! They make me crazy . . . slugs too because the beautiful leaves become a mass of holes!

I have very few suggestions to be of some help . . .

Anonymous said...

If you have chickens then I have this suggestion:

Go out very early in the morning to with a bucket of plain water(no soap)and capture those little buggers. They are very sluggish in the morning and will just drop right into your bucket if you hold it under them when you go to grab them! Once you have captured all you can find, then call your chickies over. Now slowly dump them out into the dirt and watch them disappear right before your eyes! :D