Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sail Away

My VERY favorite moments aboard ship were the Sail Aways.
The moment leaving each land stop when all peripherals were secure, all passengers accounted for, and all hands on deck at their rigging stations waiting for the Captains signals.
Champagne flowed as we all stood on deck, stretched our necks looking upward in awe of each set of sails as they filled with Mother Nature's breath. 

Cue the epic orchestrated ancient sailing music. 

{scroll fast and watch her come under sail}

On this afternoon, the Captain dispatched the tenders for any of us who wanted to witness the
Sail Away from afar.

I cried.

And as she passed us into the sun,

I cried some more. 

Indeed the journey was just what we needed.
In so many wonderful ways.


genie said...

The more pictures you post of this trip the more I want Buddy and I to go on it. That ship is out of this world. I wanna go so badly. I scrolled quickly and it was really neat. What a cool job you did with it.

Lynne said...

Stunning . . . at full sail . . .
What a trip . . .
Seasick at all?
How did you find/hear about this excursion?

Leonora said...

Oh my! Thank you for sharing this beauty. Your photos and experience have captured my imagination and sent it sailing : )

Nellie said...

How beautiful!!

Ida said...

Fantastic! - This has been a "dream" of mine to someday sail on one of these type of ships but I think I'd even settle for seeing one like this in real life. Until then I so enjoyed your photos of them.

Debbie said...

Wow, what a gorgeous ship, I enjoyed watching the sails unfold.....and that sunset, breathtaking!!!!!!!

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

That truly is stunning! Thank you for sharing it.