Monday, April 3, 2017

Spring is trying to make an appearance around here.

 Despite the big dark cloud looming in the backround.

 Mac says, "Gees lady, quit your moaning and give me a haircut so I can see!"

 The fruit trees tried to bloom too early during an unusual warm spell in February, so we lost a lot of blossoms when March turned to its normal cold.
Only a these few buds appeared at the right time.
No fruit this fall.

 Leo seconds Mac's motion about getting that shearer here soon.

 Carnie, the pretend Lion King, most definitely agrees.

 Hassie doesn't know what all the fuss is about.
She is perfectly content as long as those other sheep aren't bothering her.
Sometimes those boys forget they aren't really rams.

I am just so happy to see the new life and vigor that emerges among the old and weary decay. 
Always amazes me.

Spring with all it's promise of Life Renewed is most welcomed.


Rose said...

And I enjoyed seeing this post...loved the looks on the sheep faces.

Lynne said...

Looking like shearing time . . .
And plenty of fleece/wool . . . which is correct?
Hasn't the weather
been strange . . . I raked in January . .
And now I m waiting for IT to happen . . .
And not very patient . . .
Sorry to hear about the early frost affecting your trees . . .

Ida said...

Nice signs of spring. It's been a slow one here this year.
I bet those sheep are anxious to get a hair cut.

Lynn said...

I always love these glimpses into your world. My potted hosta is shooting up through the soil this week - that kind of thing thrills me, too.

Connie in Hartwood said...

Spring has been a weird one this year. If they were to admit it, I bet the sheep were glad to have their woolly overcoat as temperatures dipped so suddenly, and as insulation against the heat. Happy Spring, Dear!!

Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

Your post made me laugh. Thank you. Those sheep are adorable. Your idea of getting all of your kids together in your previous post is simply BRILLIANT! What a lovely family you have my friend. Happy Easter.