Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Germany Part 2: the Food

We did not have the opportunity to experience  the Bavarian foods that so many associate with travels to Germany.  We spent most of our time in the north in a region called Munsterland. In this area of “water castles”  

 the food is distinctly tied to traditions of the lush farm land.  

Each day, no matter whose home we were staying in, started with a very big breakfast.
The core of the meal in each of our host cousin's homes was Brottchen (rolls) and Deli meats. 

The leftover meats and rolls where often used again for the late evening meal of soup and sandwiches served open faced.   My favorite was the Kernal Brottchen with Schinken (ham). YUM

One fine dinner was enjoyed at  the brewery Klutes.
The food here is all local and seasonal. We opted for the buffet, just to be able to try a bit of everything. 
We enjoyed Hocks, Blood Sausage, Kohlrabi, and the ever present bread complete with an animal fat spread instead of butter.  One of the best perks of traveling is the opportunity to try new foods and eat what the locals eat….I may not ever eat it again, but I am always willing to try! In this case, I would definitely go back.
On the Holidays, my Mother-in-Law Anna ALWAYS makes a dessert we all fondly call “Oma Pudding.”  It’s basically a vanilla pudding with hand shaved chocolate and a splash of rum in it. I had always thought it was something she had just made up one day long ago.  Much to my surprise “Handcreame” was on the menu at Klutes.  Knowing that the dish comes from her traditions growing up in Schoppingen brings a new and wonderful meaning to that delightful delicacy.  Annette and I just had to have some!

We had the Opportunity to visit the Baltic Seaside while staying in Hamburg with Wilhelm and Anja and daughters. The Seaside town of Travemunde
offered a chance to try some seafood. So Very, Very good! 
 We had another chance to try more feasts from the sea back in Schoppingen. There were several items in this platter that I had never had before including herring which has now become a favorite of mine! (BTW…this is what is called a “Light Meal”)

Coming up next:  The BEVERAGES!


Sue said...

so how much weight did you put on with all this food you ate? Beverages? I hope you didn't have lots of booze!!!

MarmePurl said...

Too much...on both accounts!