Monday, September 20, 2010

Germany Part One: The People

  • The first order of Business as Empty Nesters was of course to Travel! For 30 years Mr. Fritz has wanted to take me to his hometown of Schoppingen, Germany. Duties of  raising 4 children quite naturally prevented that, but just 10 days after moving our Tommy into his dorm room, we boarded a plane bound for Frankfurt. Our travels took us to Boppard, Munster, Amsterdam, Hamburg and that Lovely little village of Schoppingen. We were welcomed by so many Aunts, Uncles and cousins, many of whom I had been fortunate enough to meet when they had visited America. I felt at home from the very start.

I came home tired but renewed. A profound sense of new friendships rests in my heart. A profound understanding of my husbands roots lives in me. And a profound sense that I must adjust my hurried American lifestyle and take time to simply be.

Much more to Follow....

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