Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Full Circle

     We started looking for a place in the country 12 years ago. Seemed like every weekend we were loading up the kids and taking them on the house hunt with their favorite country tunes streaming from the radio. I fondly remember the windows rolled down with the fragrance of fresh cut hay in the air and all of my children signing "Shoulda Been a Cowboy" as loud as they could. We found many that we would have liked...Pink House and Seminole Farm in particular, but our place in Luray was well worth the wait. For Fritz and I, buying a place in Luray feels like we have come full circle. During our High School and College days we spent many a weekend in the adjacent Blue Ridge Mountains along Skyline drive on the Motorcycle, taking in the views and doing a bit of hiking. More weekends were spent in the valley at pig roasts and tubing on the river. We even spent a few days there at the Mimslyn following our Wedding.
    We pulled onto the property keys in hand and after a "its really ours!" hug, we went straight to work. The house is in very good shape mechanically and structurally, but needs a good deal of cosmetic updating.


Problem is that it's SO hard to work with such Beautiful Views outside.

 I found myself staring out the window way too often. The previous owners came by with soup, zucchini bread and a big jug of obligatory southern sweet tea. They are such lovely people and we are happy to have local friends already.
   The next morning, our oldest two boys and Fritz's brother and nephew came. It was so very satisfying seeing the WOW on their faces as they took a look around. 

 Andy made friends with the neighbors  


and found a restoration project of his own on the property.


Joey rose early in the AM to watch the sunrise.

                                                                               He was not disappointed. Nor was I.

   By the end of the weekend, we had taken 1600 pounds of carpeting to the dump, patched all the walls, ripped down a hallway of wallpaper and even got one room painted. Being exhausted and happy at the same time is a Very good feeling.
    ...And one night at the Mimslyn made it a perfect weekend. Full Circle.



Cate said...

The farm looks incredible, Mrs. Kestermann - I'm so excited for you all!

Sue said...

wonderful Joan, can't wait to see it room by room when you are done. Just enjoy every minute and take lots for photos

BENScopingau said...

Wow! Incredible!
... und weiterhin viel Erfolg bei den Renovierungsarbeiten. Wir sind schon sehr gespannt.
Annette und Bernd-Elmar