Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Renovations to the farm house are coming along. Our initial goal is to get a fresh coat of paint through out the entire home and refinish/re carpet the floors. We will then move some furniture in and  just Live a bit before contemplating major re-do's like the kitchen and bathrooms. Those areas are completely functional for now although in need of style updates. I want to take the time to "try on" the space before committing major investments into them. We have all 4 bedrooms, the dining room and what will be my hobby room completely painted. The rooms look so good with fresh coats of paint on the walls ceilings and trim. The plan is to get the foyer, stairwell, upstairs hallway and living room done this weekend. Then it will be on to floors and doors.
These past two weekends have been productive dispute taking time off the play with this little love of mine:

And to drive to Lynchburg for my Tommy's home opener Lacrosse game

Everyone is pitching in with the work. A visit from my mom and her husband Ray was especially helpful since Ray is a retired painter

Andy found a way to get a massive built in desk out

and Joey is determined to get the overgrowth along the fencing under control

even the little guy tried to lend a hand

While I am impatient to get things done so that we can have the kind of family gatherings I hope for, simply posting these photos makes me realize that we are already having those moments as a family. My children seem to love the place as much as I do and most importantly want to help bring it to life.
 I am a very Blessed Momma.

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Sue said...

I think I may be as excited as you are, its looking great already, so pleased for you. A craft room - but will you have time to use it with all that great outdoors to play in