Monday, June 20, 2011

After all the years of looking for just the right country place, I wondered whether it would be too late for it to be enjoyed by our family. Were my children too old to consider it home? Would they find it as wonderful a place to be as we do? Would our siblings be too involved in their own lives and families to even come see the place. Would the be bored if they did?

To that I can add that we ate the first cucumbers from the garden and harvested many young onions for various dishes over the weekend. While I missed my Europe trotting oldest and youngest boys, I was happy, happy  to see this boy of mine having so much fun. His smile is infectious even through the helmet!

 Many thanks to my Mom's Ray for taking over the mowing duties (Next time wear boots Ray!)

 I continue to discover more and more 'nothing specials'.

And my SIL from Kansas who understandably sometimes feels overwhelmed by my family's exuberance (or maybe it was the noise from the dirt bikes, tractor and mower running all at once) found my front porch to be a quiet and peaceful get-a-way just as I do.

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Sue - Granny's World said...

I don't think you will ever get rid of your family, you are too good to them. But isn't great that they want to spend time with you.

The cake btw was dark chocolate, with chocolate fudge icing in the middle and all round, with milk and white choc finger biscuits and the fresh fruit, actually very simple, not that I wish to lessen R's ability she would say it herself. It look so professional. Look out for her next creation for my Dad's 80th party in a few weeks