Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little nap latter, we arrived at the farm just in time to see Farmer Gayle and his sons cutting and baling the hay in our fields.

 How excited do you think the 2 year old was about that ?!

and the fun continued:

More total disregard for bed times
Exploring the garden
 Saying hi to the cows
Making cookies

Playing cars
Playing trains

Helping with the grocery shopping
Playing in the rocks with the tractor

Rearranging all the bottom farmhouse kitchen cabinets too
More cuddle time on Marme's big bed
Walking along the Hawksbill River and watching the ducks

Seeing Farmer Gayle and his sons come back to pick up the hay

Conquering walking down the steps frontwards
Being reunited with Momma

...and Papa Fritz meeting Baby Bennett for the first time


Sue said...

Wonderful x

Sissy Faulkner said...

How sweet! Congratulations on your newest arrival!!! Can't wait to see more on this one! Love your posts! sis