Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Apple Pancakes

 Oma'a Apple Pancakes.
My go to breakfast for years now. Always a favorite during the elementary school sleepover days, the large gathering beach trip days, and the Hi mom...I bringing home 15 buddies from college for some home cooking days.
So it is no surprise how excited I am that we bought this...

 (and the acreage, outbuildings and home around it)

...To watch it grow

and then send a very willing niece and nephew up the tree

 to pick a basket of these

to slice up
and add to a milk, egg and flour batter

to have this to enjoy!

Food traditions passed on through generations are key to family lore and connect us in a very profound and satisfying way. I am honored that they are called Marme's pancakes, or Aunt Joan's pancakes or Mrs. K's, or the very special Mama K's pancakes. But I, and my children, know that they are really Oma's pancakes. Many thanks to my mother-in-law Anna for teaching me this special treat at a time when I barely knew how to whisk an egg.

Now if I only knew how to make my grandmother's baked beans...


Keri said...

Yum!!!! Those look so good. I may have to give that a try. I love cooking, but my breakfast menu always seem to suffer. Thanks for sharing this.

Mary said...

these look delicious Joan - care to share the recipe? I've got 9 apple trees and always looking for new ways to use them.

Nicky said...

I second sharing the recipe. Those look delicious!!!!!!!

Chrisknits said...

Oh, now I wish I hadn't ordered pizza for dinner. I have apples, and the pancake fixings to go with. Will have to try this on Sunday for breakfast!

MarmePurl said...

Being a dump and stir and see what happens kind of cook, I need a bit of time to figure out the measurments for the apple pancakes, but I promise, I'll get it posted soon.

Sarah said...

Please please please share the recipe! They look amazing!

I had an apple tree in my front yard as a child and my mom used to make homemade apple butter. Sadly, she doesn't remember her old recipe..