Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Cleverness!

A while back, I had found a photo of a plate rack that I thought would be a good addition to the farmhouse kitchen. I came across it again recently, showed it to the husband and half (but not really) jokingly asked him to build me one.
A bit later I found him in the garage with the left over chair rail and baseboard from the dining room project.

Which became this lovely platter rack.

The base board became the sides and lower shelves,

while the chair rail serves as the upper shelves and back bracing.

So clever and wonderful of him.

Thank-you Fritz.

. I Love it as much as all the family treasures it holds.
All came from women I love. My Kate gave me a few as Christmas presents. One was a wedding gift of my parents. Another came from Germany via my mother-in-law. Most belonged to grandmothers and beloved aunts and great-aunts.
I have continued to use each regularly over the years, just as they had.
 What better way to keep their love and memory alive in my heart.


Anonymous said...

So clever and wonderful is right! It's a beautiful display of platters and to think the rack was built with love and leftovers. Fun!
~ Mimi

Sue said...

will he make me one please?

Loretta said...

Wow, how handy is he? I love it! I want to ask for one too, but I'll refrain...I'm very tempted! lol.
Thanks for the share!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

That's beautiful! And I love your platters. What a neat thing to collect. :)

Anonymous said...

That Fritz is a keeper! Very earth friendly project


Margaret said...

Absolutely fantastic. What a treasure.. the plate rack and your husband! :)

Cathy H. said...

This is so lovely!! You have a very talented husband!! Love your gorgeous plates! They're beautiful and such wonderful treasures!!

Allison said...

What a bright and cheery nook that makes. In your older post I noticed there is a second, equally cute door remaining in the barn. :) Think that will fit in my suitcase?

Anonymous said...

OOH! I spied this in the background of your post with the grand kids baking, and went looking for it! It is gorgeous and will be a project I'll want to do in my dining room at the Mountain Farmlet. Can't wait!