Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Off the Farm and into the River

Five weeks of extreme heat and nary a rain drop insight, so we decide to spend a weekend with friends on their boat.

Of Course, It Rained.

But there was no turning back and to the River we went.

It was good to be out on the water.

We had a boat of one kind or another for many years ourselves.

Before college tuition and a little piece of the Valley to call home.

Maybe again someday.

 I think Fritz missed being at the throttles.

And there is nothing so good as having fun with old friends.

Hope your Weekend was full of good laughs and lots of story making too,

~ Joan


Sue said...

messing about on the river, what fun,

TexWisGirl said...

well, congrats on the rain! and those seem like good friends to have!

Mary said...

Rain boating not the best...friends, the best.

laurenjeanallece said...

"And there is nothing so good as having fun with old friends."


Lynne said...

So it goes . . . no rain for weeks . . . plan a day with friends, and rain it is . . .

Looks like it was a great day even so. Friends and fun times, the best!

Debbie said...

looks like fun but i have terrible motion sickness!!

nice to have a friend with a boat though ;))))

Beth said...

I love the title of your Blog,

I am your newest follower.