Friday, June 21, 2013

A Fence for Friday

The fencing at Wisteria Farm and Vineyard is made from the 'scraps' of a lumberyard. Large trees are planked, that is the rounded portions sawed of to make the tree a long square block.
These planks were familiar to us. 
When my children were young we heated our home with a wood stove, Every fall, we would travel to a lumberyard and load up as many bundles of planks as the flatbed could carry.
 Super cheap wood.
Super low energy bills.
Very warm house.
It was a lot of work to cut all those boards down to size to fit in the big black stove. The boys (mostly the oldest) then had to take all that wood down the hill to the edge of the yard and stack it. Every evening and morning a load of planks would have to be wheel barrowed back up the hill and into the house to load up the stove nice and tight.
I believe my children have horrid flashback memories of the task.
It comes up now and then.
I rather like the look of this rustic fence.
I am thinking we might need to revisit a lumberyard.
I just know my adult children will love to help build a fence.
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Lynne said...

I like "the grand" running down through the fence line . . .
I am sure your boys would enjoy a lumberyard trip and relish building a fence for you! Good 'dea!

Buttons said...

You made me laugh yes take those children down to see the great fence and that will inspire for sure. I LOVE that first shot the depth is magnificent. We still burn wood yes beautiful deep warm heat but like you said lots of work. B

Linley S said...

I love this rustic fence. Great shots, especially the first one with the little chap running.

Sue said...

Just look on it as exercise for your kids, it did them no harm. Rustic fencing is good, I can see it working at your place

Jan n Jer said...

Haha...first of all love the shot..nice DOF. A little hard work never hurt anyone...builds character.The kids of today are so spoiled and have no idea of what hard work is. At least your kids know!!!

Jackie/Jake said...

I have to agree that the first shot is fantastic.

Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

some one is having fun. so cute. ( :

LV said...

You found the perfect fence sight this week. It definitely would not hold that little fellow in tho. Love it when children are around.

TexWisGirl said...

made me smile. love it!

Patricia A. McGoldrick said...

Wonderful fence!
I grew up in a 1902 red brick house with a huge kitchen. The wood-burning stove was the feature of this room that was the centre of our home and family.No matter how manner times the hydro went out, we could always count on being able to cook some food, make tea or coffee, and stay warm.
This stove meant an annual trip to the woodlot on our farm. As a child, these were great journeys to take, so much to explore!
Enjoy your fence! said...

oh great takes.

Oh ya that fence is a beauty!

Cathy H. said...

I love old wooden fences. I do think you need one!

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Gosh -- lots of work in this fence. Must have been a labor of love. Wonderful captures of it's charm and your lil' one. :)

llswink said...

I love your fence! I didn't know you could buy the scraps from the lumber mill. Now to find a nearby lumber mill!