Monday, November 28, 2016

One of the best things about all my children now being married is that we have inherited a whole bunch of new extended in-law family members. We had the opportunity to spend some time with one such family over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend. Since we knew most of my own kiddos would not be able to make the travels home again so soon after being at the Farm for last month wedding, we opted to accept the invite.  My Andy's in-law family treated us to a fabulous time at their river home in Rock Island TN. They are the warmest and friendliest of folks, filled with genuine grace and hospitality.  

We were included in all the family traditions and fun including a glorious hike on Friday.

This part of the country has been hit with a drought this year so the river was quite low.
Low enough to walk out onto the riverbed and explore.

I was fascinated by the animal tracts.

Can you ID any?
And other treasures of the river.

                                                   We continued on to many waterfalls,

                                                               and fun photo ops.

I even got a lesson on deer markings.

Can you see where a buck rubbed the bark off with his antlers?

Such a Good Time!

Thank You Bummy and Kathleen
and Family!
We loved every moment.


Buttons Thoughts said...

I am so excited that you went into the woods that day and had an incredible time. I do know how much that would mean to you. About the tracks possible Turkey, raccoon couger?? I really have no idea. HUG B

Lynn said...

Was there a hand print in there? :) Sounds like a lovely time!

Lynne said...

I was missing you and found you . . .
What a wonderful hiking time that must have been . . .
Christmas blessings and joy Joan . . .

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

My goodness you are surrounded by amazing scenery!
So beautiful and such great memories. Happy new year
wishes to you and your family, Joan!

Debbie said...

an amazing walk in the woods, the waterfalls are really gorgeous! i wonder if they are frozen now?!?! happy 2017!