Monday, January 2, 2017

First Day

A First Day Walk in the woods along the beautiful-in-every-season Shenandoah River

Some First Day knitting,

Fidra by Shetland Trader. Still need a pompom. Fun and easy, quick knit.


 and the start of promised January spinning of Hassie's home grown indigo dyed wool,

while Fritz went for a First Day ride on his new toy

He really likes that bike.

Hope you first day was happy and full of hope.


b"E"th "Edwards said...

now that is mine kind of hiking. fun!! enjoy! we have tons of rain the past 2 days. i guess we need it but it sure does make you sleepy. great book reading days. ( :

Sue ~ Granny's World said...

Those socks look great, as does the hat. Glad you got out for your walk, hope the old back coped ok. Have Fritz ditched the Harley or is this an addition to the stable!

doodles n daydreams said...

That hat is really nice.
Our first day was really quiet, I took Mum to church and she came home with me for lunch and spent part of the afternoon with us. After she went home I read for a bit because even though the calendar says it's summer the temps say it is the beginning of winter. Quite cool, windy and wet. It can only improve she says hopefully.
Happy new year.


Lynn said...

You live in an enchanted place. What a wonderful first day!

Rose said...

I so love that first view!

Kathryn Ray said...

Sounds like a perfect first day.

Ours included a walk and knitting too!

Leonora said...

These mountains and this valley... always beautiful along with your knitting! You knit the most beautiful items : )
Happy new Year!

Lynne said...

Going back and reading your earlier posts . . .
How did I miss this one!
Oh my the sites and hikes!