Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farm Fun Day

Easter Sunday brought out a few long awaited visitors to our special place on the ridge. Our Tommy came home to the farm for the first time.

My three boys had not all been together since Christmas and set about using the time to the best of their abilities:

My brothers Pete and Chuck arrived with their families:

The children had fun where ever they could

The gazebo got a tested

in more ways than one

My kitchen facelift in progress got tested as well

And all the while I just hoped that no one would wake me from this wonderfully happy dream


Sue said...

Wow the kitchen is looking great, quite a transformation. Looks like everyone was having good fun, just what the place was made for. Any decision on a name yet?

MarmePurl said...

We are narrowing down the name choices from lots of good ideas. I have a favorite, but the family all has their own ideas. Should have something soon.