Monday, April 11, 2011

Repair, Renew, Rediscover

The barn roof repairs got underway on a bright crisp Spring morning..

...While I began the task of renewing the kitchen. So far I have spent less than $60. on primer, paint and a few new knobs. What I have spent on stiff knees, time will tell. I had naively thought that painting the kitchen cabinets would only take a day or two but now have revised that timetable to a month or two.

No worries...I am enjoying the process as much as the results.  The area of the space that houses the washer and dryer is complete and am so very, very happy at how it has turned out.

 A Classic American Farmhouse look. Love it.  
Fritz and the boys brought the rest of our furniture and belongings out of storage and into the home over the weekend and my attention turned to rediscovering the treasures and memories hidden away for some time now. I will admit to shedding a tear or two while unpacking some of my children's drawings, books, teddy's and favorite toys that I have kept. And here I thought that this farm was helping me get over the loss of the motherhood years!
Fritz's parents, brother and wife made a short visit right at the moment my camera battery died. We were so happy that Oma and Opa have seen our farm, but they will have to come back for photos.
Soon. Real Soon.
Lent is a time to repair ourselves and renew our spirits as well. The weekend provided me the opportunity to work physically and mentally on that. Wonder what discovery is out there next?

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Sue said...

All that painting in the kitchen will be worth it and so much cheaper than ripping out perfectly good units, and how satisfying to breathe new life into aq tired room