Monday, July 11, 2011

Country Cooking

I love cooking when there are lots of folks around to eat. I love cooking even better when I can stop by the farm store and pick up my dairy products from a creamery right here in the Shenandoah Valley and turn them into a yummy pound cake (with a little help)

Or decadent biscuits,

and serve them with Apple Butter made in nearby Stanley, VA

A favorite is to stop by Wilson Farms and stock up on meat, including chicken perfect for frying

or making stock.

 Adding onions, carrots, parsley and dill right from the garden into the chicken stock really makes it worthwhile.

Completing the meal with some fresh picked green beans and sauteing a few patty pan squash from the garden with garlic and olive oil make for some pretty darn good eats.

But no dinner is complete without wonderful people to share it with. Kate's fabulous friends from her high school days visited The Farm this weekend. I so enjoyed cooking for them and their graciousness made me so happy.

Yet another reminder that motherhood lives on.

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Sue said...

I can't wait till Rufus is big enough to help bake. I baked with both the girls from an early age and its such a good way to spend an afternoon.