Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last Day

Greetings from not so sunny California! I made the trip with my daughter Kate and her boys to help move them across the country. The airport was quite the ordeal...getting Frankie the dog in the right check in line and all patted down and inspected by security...2 strollers apart for the TSA screeners with a crying hungry infant and a sobbing tired toddler as his Teddy went through the big black unknown tunnel of the security machine...and me having an emotional time as is, knowing that the goodby was down to a few days, combined with the fact that I don't fly very well to begin with...
But we made it.
 Kate is happy to be with her husband. Husband is happy to have his family together and that is the way it is supposed to be.
My 2 older boys have each moved into new places of their own and my youngest will go back to college in just a few weeks.
All are very happy and that in turn makes me happy too.
Except for that todayistheLastDaywithdaughterandgrandsonsandmyheartiscrying thing..


Mary said...

my heart is crying with you. come visit at Stoney Lonesome when you get home. a little harvesting is always good for the soul. (Let me know when and I'll try to be there too)

Sue said...

chin up Joan, it won't be so bad (she says with her fingers crossed). The time will go quickly and before you know it they will be back. You have lots to fill your time. Big hugs to you

BENScopingau said...

Hi Joan, die Zeit geht leider immer weiter ihren Weg. Ihr hattet alle zusammen einige glückliche Wochen "togetherwithyourdaughterandyourgrandsons"und das wird dir bestimmt Kraft für die bevorstehende Wartezeit geben. Wir sehen weiterhin immer sehr gerne und mit viel Freude in deinen Blog, der so viel Wärme und Glück ausstrahlt.
Schöne Grüße aus Schöppingen!!!