Monday, July 4, 2011

A Visit From Oma and Opa

A glorious holiday weekend in the country brought MANY visitors to our Farm over the weekend. Most significant for Fritz, was his parents with his brother Andreas and his family. Opa arrived and immediately went to check out my vegetable garden.

 I got a seal of approval! (huge to me!)

Then he went straight to to the man shed and hopped on the tractor.

I am not sure who was happier...Opa or Fritz having his dad here. 

Meanwhile, the wee baby B found comfort in Oma's warm loving arms.

Again, I am not sure who was happier...the babe or the great grandmother.

Andreas highjacked the tractor,

while son Christian rode a 250 for the first time.

Andreas' girls enjoyed the swinging and swimming

while their mom contemplated a dream barnstyle farmhouse of her own

The visit would not have been complete without a land survey from the front porch.

Happy Times!


Sue said...

your farm is certainly attracting plenty of visitors, hope you are enjoying all the attention

Sissy Faulkner said...

Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. We will have to stop in for a spell when we are back home. Love the blog!!! Sis