Tuesday, August 23, 2011


One year ago today I began a blog. My intentions were partly to vent my feelings and fears about becoming a has-been mother, and partly to begin to write down family lore so that my children would have the concrete word to pass on to their families. The stories here, as well as my life this past year passed on so much differently than I had imagined...for the good. Trips, 2 new homes, fulfilling dreams.... so many changes to my life this past year. Aside from the farm, perhaps the most significant, unexpected occurrence is the friendships that have cemented or renewed or been born. Finding deeper friendships with my children and husband has been the best. That's a really good thing about having adult children. It's a lot easier in some ways to have meaningful give-and-take conversations, instead of having to curb my thoughts in order to maintain the responsible parent persona or worst, do the mom lecture thing. I like it.
I married a man 31 years ago that I felt a great respect and friendship with, but nothing can compare to where we are in the relationship now. More fun than ever.
Thanks a great deal to The Farm as a gathering place, I have renewed or strengthened friendships with siblings and my mother. That I am truly happy about.
And then there are the women in my life I call friends. Thank you ladies, you have made this year so happy for me!  
 As I was pondering what I would write in this space after I left work...how to mark the occasion with some significance ...finding the words that would adequately express the profoundness I was feeling...the ground began to shake...and shake...and shake.


So glad Mother Earth came up with a way to mark my Blogiversary!

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sue said...

so the earth really did move for you ..... happy blogiversary.

Any damage?