Sunday, August 7, 2011


About the only thing that is thriving in my garden...or really surviving the heat, drought, my absence, and  the ground hog and/or rabbits...are the tomatoes! 

I've been canning tomatoes,

and making tomaoto salads

and baking tomato pie

and eating tomoto sandwiches on beer bread
and giving lots away...still they line my countertops

so as a last resort, I'm 
decorating with tomotoes!

(Nevermind that this took place after several glasses of wine with my sister-in-law)


sue said...

chutney, sauce? Like to see you remove the tomatoes when they have gone mouldy, you will defo need to have had a few for that!!

MarmePurl said...

No worries Sue, the tomatoes have been safely removed from the chandelier!

Kathleen said...

The "decorating with tomatoes" photo is fantastic!! And I'll definitely take some tomatoes off your hands! ;) There's a homemade salsa recipe I'm dying to try, but I'm going to have to wait a bit for my plants to yield enough tomatoes to make it, mine are mostly still green.

Donna said...

Love the tomato chandelier Joan!
I think I need your tomato pie recipe...:)