Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fitting Back In

Seven weeks of bliss spending lots of good time with Kate and her sons have left contentment in my heart. Now that she is settled into her new life on the west coast, my attentions turn back to all the things that have been pushed to the back burner. Like my husband. And Sons. And friends. And work. And yarn. And ironing. And sleep!
The first few days back left me a bit wistful, finding leftover toys of Cullen's in both the condo and farmhouse where he had last played with them. Then came Baby B's soft comfy first blanket left over a railing. I was holding it together fairly well until I went to the garden and spotted Frankie the dog's ball lying in the midst of the bush beans. Oh the things that bring us to the brink!

Onward I go.
 I good visit with the lovely ladies at my knit group and a most invigorating Yoga class has me full of energy.
A shawl that has been a WIP for way too long has seen new life

and a pair of socks hit the needles.

 I always like to have a couple of projects going at once. One mindless like the socks and one a bit more challenging like like the beaded lace work. It feels good to work the hands agian and relax and enjoy the process.
Still up are trips to see my son's new homes and a much needed visit to Stoney Lonesome Farm.

Now if I could ony make headway with the piles on my work desk...


Sue said...

loving both the projects, particularly the shawl

SimonSimple said...

The shawl looks very elegant and lovely and the socks are a vibrant colour. Hope you manage to get some work done and all you visits in.

The thing about missing people is that its the little things that hit you the hardest, not the large one. Best of wishes for you and yours.

Contessa said...

Wow, the shawl looks so pretty!!
Also, I love the yarn you're using for the socks -- where I've seen Kroy, I've *never* seen that colorway. It looks great!

Good luck getting all that work under control!

Vivianne said...

What's the shawl ? It looks lovely. I wish my desk was that tidy :-)

Spinster Beth said...

oooh that shawl looks so delicate and pretty!

pentalia said...

Love the stitch pattern on your shawl... don't think I could have a glass of wine and successfully knit it, though!!

RugbyMad said...

The shawl is beautiful. But I love the playfulness of your sock yarn. They are so awesome. Would love them under my boots anyday.