Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Time with the Grandsons

It started like this:

And only got better.
 My Kate and the boys moved to across country when Bennett was just 6 weeks old. I have been so worried that he would not know me as well as Big Brother Cullen, but it turns out I wasted a good deal of time on needless anxiety. He came right to me and sat in my lap over and over without prompting. But only for a second. He is a VERY busy boy.
And must do everything the 3 year old does.





And most definitely knows who is a push over  warm and generous person when it come to visits to the toy store.


TexWisGirl said...

grammas are for spoiling. :) such cute little towheads!

Meg said...

Oh yay! Yay yay yay! Those boys are just precious! So glad you got to spend some time with them. :)

Loretta said...

So precious and darn cute!

Beth said...

The children are adorable. Spoil to your hearts content, that is what grandmas are for.

laurenjeanallece said...

My nephew was the same way! He moved to Montana with his mama and daddy at 6 weeks but when I went to visit in July there he was! In my lap and attacking my kneecaps to get me to pick him up! My heart just burst all over the place :)

So happy to see you guys had such a wonderful visit!

Lynne said...

Adorable little boys! They know their granny, no doubt about it! Love those photos!!!

Sue said...

They got you, little boys love toy shops. Cute photos

Landbohaven said...

Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
Gode billeder.
Et par søde små drenge.
Tak for kigget.
Ha´ en dejlig dag.

BENScopingau said...

Hi Joan, viele viele Grüße aus Schöppingen und viel Erfolg für die bevorstehende Ernte!

Hier ein musikalischer Gruß:


Cathy H. said...

There is absolutely nothing like those special visits from grandsons!! Mine just left this afternoon after being here three days! I love and cherish each moment with them!!

Jenny Short said...

They are adorable. I am going home in four weeks to see my grandkids and can't wait. I'm already packed! xo Jenny