Monday, February 3, 2014

More Rule Breaking

The pictures I took of the alligators all along the side of the road were from inside the car. Some even from that car moving. Venturing too close to the species is a good rule that not even I would break.
[Fritz on the other hand...]

Sometimes however, rules are just made to be broken. Like when the grandsons come to the farm for a few days while their parents take a little trip on their own.

They have the free reign to raid the cookie jar at will,

and to sprinkle 'just a little' sugar on their apple pancakes all by themselves.

 Since we must show a little sensibility and give the parents a somewhat better report, there are no rules concerning access to books of all sorts,

and plenty of time outdoors where much waits to be learned.

Like the value of work,

and the value of play,

 and the value of discovery.

Thank goodness, there are no rules on just how much love this Marme and Papa receive in return.


Lynne said...

If gorgeous smiles are any indication of HAPPY kids, those munchkins win the prize! I think granny and gramps are just fine breaking all the rules. What a fun setting for them to play and discover!

Nellie said...

It is always a happy time with the grandchildren around. I'm of the opinion that exposure to books makes up for that extra sugar on those pancakes.:-)

Sue Speechley said...

Happy times, rules what rules! Is Wells going to be a red-head?

Beth said...

I love this post! Your grandchildren are adorable. The photos are wonderful!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, that is cute!!! i laughed out loud on the 'little' bit of sugar. :)

Traci@TheHallway said...

It looks like you had a wonderful fun filled time while the 'big kids' were away!! :)

Cathy H. said...

Oh, YES...I agree! Fewer rules at Gramma's house and lots of hugs and kisses! said...

Oh your pictures are priceless.

Oh they are darling children.

Thank you for sharing.

Buttons said...

Oh I think your rules are perfect. Oh look at those happy unrestricted children:) Hug B

Meg said...

Rules are ALWAYS meant to be broken at grandparent's houses. Those boys are just too adorable!

Christa atCedarmereFarm said...

Grandparents' rules (or lack thereof) are the best! Your grand babies are soooo cute! I would have no rules in my house either!