Monday, March 7, 2011

Productive Weekend

A tender first sign of Spring,

Previous shelf paper on steroids,

and my mother there to fix it all (a hair dryer is great for heating up the contact paper enough to peel it off!).

More door stripping,

(Sorry Mother Earth. The environmentally friendly strippers were a disaster, I had to go with the high test stuff, hence the respirator)

More mowing,

(or is he just having fun?)

and of course more painting.

And after all that work we sent Joey and Fritz out to get style


A first before-and-after coming up soon...


Sue said...

glad to see you are all busy still. The respirator looking very fetching. Did you sort the cat problem?

Cate said...

What an amazing project, Mrs. Kestermann! I'm loving reading about all your work on the house and I am so looking forward to seeing the before and after! I hope one day I can do this, too!

Anonymous said...

I met you at The Kitchen Garden, and have spent the morning with you. Much of what you have done we had to do in the home we are in (though it is much smaller and not quite so old as yours). I really wish I had known about that hair dryer trick with the old contact paper! We are now moving to an old farm house that began its life as a one room cabin back in 1840. We have our work cut out for us! Will continue reading to see all the tips and tricks you used to deal with the layers of time...