Friday, March 4, 2011

Welcome to 1978

I'm sure this kitchen at the farm house was all the rage and the envy of the valley in when it was added onto and remodeled 1978. It's appliances were state of the art at the time. And all that cabinetry! W-o-w. I had the same fake butcher block Formica and copper hardware in my first home.

It is all in really good shape and totally functional, so a ccomplete gut and remodel would not make economic nor environmental sense at this point. Maybe in a few years when the college tuition payments become a thing of the past, I could go that route. For now I just need to make the space look a bit happier. Much Happier.
Any thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions?


Sue said...

maybe paint the units and change the handles, for a lighter look. Get rid of the wallpaper and the flooring!! Otherwise not looking too bad, as you say plenty of functional space. If not give us a call, we do a lovely range of kitchens where I work!

MarmePurl said...

HAHA SUE. I forgot that you work in the kitchen industry. own personal consultant.