Monday, August 30, 2010

Flower Camp

Several years ago when my only daughter went to college, I found myself living in a home with way to much maleness. A constant stream of Sports Center, lacrosse games, football games, dirt bike riding, pick up games of any sort and sweaty boys wrestling on the family room floor. Dinner conversations usually revolved around bad jokes and quotes from really silly movies. Although often funny, and I am quite happy to have those times with my boys, I longed for someone to notice the new pretty napkins or the fresh flowers on the table.
    So I ran away for a weekend. To here.
Flower Camp restored me! I spent the weekend in the company of women talking about life, nature, food and family. I was surrounded by the beauty of nature and the beauty of Nancy's gardens and the incredible beauty of women who had so much to share of themselves.
    We took lots of walks in the woods and fields looking for things to add to floral arrangements. Nancy would point out birds and plants and I was amazed at her knowledge. I learned to look at my surroundings in a whole new way.

    We made so many arrangements that weekend and the collective creativity was infectious. Nancy had a way of making everyone feel so welcomed and so enjoyed sharing her retreat with  us campers..

   The food was prepared by a young local chef dedicated to using fresh local products. This is where I first learned of the concept of  CSA farming. How grateful I am for that lesson.

     I've run away to Flower Camp again since and was feeling the need stirring in me again lately.
Then came the email from Nancy this week. She is retiring from giving workshops after many happy years. I wish this generous and talented naturalist, gardener and writer all the best.

Looks like I am going to have to create my own garden sanctuary retreat...
Now all I need is the land to do so.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pure Love

I hear that Grandchildren are a great for chasing away the Empty Nest Blues. I think this one will do quite well. And he's all mine come this weekend!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Empty Nest

    All I ever wanted to be was a Mom. And a Good Wife. And a Proficient Housekeeper. And a Good Cook. And Grow my own Food. And Knit. And Sew. And Have a Happy Family that was all the better for it. Not what a young girl coming of age when the Equal Rights Amendment was suppose to give women the opportunity to BE something so much Better. But there I was just wanting to be a Mom. I wanted to have the look of contentment that Katie Douglas had as she lay her sons down for a rest. And make cookies with pearls on just like June Cleaver. And knit like Elizabeth Zimmerman. And Understand food like Alice Waters. And Make a pie crust as pretty as Martha's.  
    I did go to college a couple of degrees and had the opportunity to put them to use. But all I really  wanted to do is be a Mom.
   And I have LOVED that chosen vocation! All of it.

I just moved my youngest of 4 into his dorm room.
And so the journey of Life after MotherHood begins...