Sunday, February 21, 2016

Love, Inherited

Oma meets her newest great grandson Griffin

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sail Away

My VERY favorite moments aboard ship were the Sail Aways.
The moment leaving each land stop when all peripherals were secure, all passengers accounted for, and all hands on deck at their rigging stations waiting for the Captains signals.
Champagne flowed as we all stood on deck, stretched our necks looking upward in awe of each set of sails as they filled with Mother Nature's breath. 

Cue the epic orchestrated ancient sailing music. 

{scroll fast and watch her come under sail}

On this afternoon, the Captain dispatched the tenders for any of us who wanted to witness the
Sail Away from afar.

I cried.

And as she passed us into the sun,

I cried some more. 

Indeed the journey was just what we needed.
In so many wonderful ways.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

For the Land Lubbers

Are you a vacationer or a traveler?

Do you stick with the familiar...the safe...the known?

Or are you willing to explore,

to observe,

to go off the beaten path to find the authentic

to discover gems off the main roads,

and moments of beautiful simplicity?

You can guess what we are.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Les Saintes

Iles des Saintes
Have you ever heard of them?
Three tiny French governed islands off  the coast of Guadeloupe commonly know as les Saintes.

Quaint, pristine and picturesque. 

Speaking French is as absolute must, so we only visited the town on the main island briefly.

Instead we ventured over to one of the other uninhabited islands where the sports crew from our pirate ship had all the toys and were just waiting for someone to come play.

So we snorkeled and sailed,

and on the advice of the the young crew hiked to the top of the island 

where we found the remnants of Fort Josephine.

Along with amazing scenery,

and a few wild goats.

So fun to go exploring and have the place all to ourselves.
Just an amazing day.