Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Lovely Little Ladies

A year that ends well, is well.
And our year is coming to a close with lots to celebrate and be thankful for.
Especially welcoming two new wee ones to the family.

Please meet Eloise Olivia 

Born to our Joey and his Caitlin.


Mabel Claire

Born to our Tommy and his Chelsie

So much Happiness.

Friday, October 20, 2017

But Then again....

Home is a wonderful place to be.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Adventures: Part Two

Tennessee Dual Sport: Southern Discovery

One of the milestones Fritz set for himself on his road to recovery was the participating in the above rally with our Andy.

He had bought his road worthy dirt bike just before life was put on hold and then picked up a spare when the docs told him to begin to resume normal activities but start out light.
(I have a hunch they didn't exactly mean start out with a lighter motorcycle, or a bike at all). 

We spent the weekend at a beautiful property outside of Nashville

with Andy's in-laws and a very fun group of their friends. So while those two were off climbing hills and two-wheeling through streams, the rest of the gang set their minds to fishing.

That evening the tilapia and small bass turned into ceviche, while the larger bass were grilled whole with lemon and dill. Delicious!! So perfect with several glasses of wine.
The next morning all the small brims were lightly coated with cornmeal then panfried. I am a convert to fish as part of breakfast.
These fine folks really know how to live.

I learned a lot about fishing and can't wait to try new ways to prepare goodness for the lakes and rivers nearby.
Best of all, I had some really nice chat time with Andy's Kathleen, her mom and all the ladies.
Maybe, just maybe we can make a return trip sometime and I can learn a bit more about hunting and cooking wild turkey and venison.

Thanks everyone.
It was a great Adventure!

I wonder what is next????

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Adventures: Part One

It's often said that laughter is the best medicine.

And that a change of scenery is good for rejuvenation.

Combine the two and travel to Martha's Vineyard with friends near and dear to our hearts and call it a successful healing getaway. 

Such a charming island with it's quaint villages,

and stunning shorelines.

Fabulous drive arounds, marvelous meals most often involving lobster, lovely liquid refreshments,
and Lots and Lots of Laughter.

Many thanks G's!
Sharing a beautiful place with two such beautiful people was wonderful.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Onward and Upward


{Seneca Rocks, West Virginia}
When there's no place to go but up,
that's what we do.
First through a meadow

and then across a low water bridge,

into the woods on a little hike to the base of the rock wall.
Time is a gift we have been given and we will use it wisely.
Regaining strength and endurance with each step,

pausing to rest when needed and take in at the beauty all around.

{ a critter condo!}

Knowing that obstacles are just inconveniences along the way,

and that the body need time to heal, just as nature does.

{scars evident from wildfires years ago}

Life is Good.

Worth every challenge and happy to be back on track.
Lots more adventures planned.
We are ready.

Onward. Upward.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Sometimes one just needs time.

Time to relax.

Time to play.

Time away from the norm.

Time to celebrate.

Time with Family.

Our Kesterfest 2017, a long weekend in a historic home on Maryland's Eastern Shore

with all of  our ever growing family gathered
turned into an unexpected jubilation as
Fritz received news that he is, for the moment, cancer free.

We are humbled by the love and the help from so many during the last six plus months of treatments,
 and we are especially thankful for the Prayers from all.

We look forward to more adventures where ever the road of life takes us!


Saturday, May 27, 2017

And Then Came the Roses

I only have six rose bushes, but what a show they have put on!

 These beauties live outside my kitchen sink window.
Their scent is just heavenly.
Such a good reminder to just breathe.

 Many thanks to Connie for helping me believe I could grow lovely roses.
These two she started me with are thriving without much fuss.

I hope your day is filled with all kinds of beautiful moments.