Thursday, April 28, 2011

Midweek in the Country

Hope your Day is filled with Peace and Serenity..

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Farm Fun Day

Easter Sunday brought out a few long awaited visitors to our special place on the ridge. Our Tommy came home to the farm for the first time.

My three boys had not all been together since Christmas and set about using the time to the best of their abilities:

My brothers Pete and Chuck arrived with their families:

The children had fun where ever they could

The gazebo got a tested

in more ways than one

My kitchen facelift in progress got tested as well

And all the while I just hoped that no one would wake me from this wonderfully happy dream

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Surprises

As I sat across the settlement table from Mrs. Judy, the former owner of our country homestead 2 1/2 months ago, I asked her if there were any special plantings I should be aware of. She replied "No, no...nothing special at all...maybe just a few azaleas."

So I set about mentally planning all the flora I would need to get to make springtime beautiful in the years to come.

Then April happened.

Nothing Special? Well, maybe so if one does not consider a field of wildflowers, blooming bulbs, Lilacs and Virginia Red Buds, and Apple Blossoms anything special!!!

I wonder what other suprises await in the seasons to come???

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My First Born Child celebrates a landmark birthday today. My Joey is 30. Normally, I don't heed too, too much attention on adult birthdays preferring to celebrate the life of those I love everyday, not just one day a year. But this one is getting to me. Perhaps because if falls in a week that I have faced an array of challenges to this Life After Motherhood stage I am still trying to find my way through. One child's indifference, one showing signs that the nest may not be such a bad place to fly into now and then, and facing the reality of one who's wings will fly far away with the knowledge that all of that furthers the mental separation as well.
I loved my life at 30.
I wondered at every thing my my oldest did because it was new to me as well. My second had (and still does) a zest for adventure that I marveled at having no such in my own life. My long awaited 3rd child was the happiest and most content child ever given to a busy mom. I knew that someday the spirit that would be my 4th would one day grace my life.

And so on this morning, I found myself baking cupcakes to bring to my son a lunchtime to share with his co workers.

The very same cupcakes...chocolate with cream cheese and mini chip filling...that I baked to bring in to share with his class when he was 8 years old.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Repair, Renew, Rediscover

The barn roof repairs got underway on a bright crisp Spring morning..

...While I began the task of renewing the kitchen. So far I have spent less than $60. on primer, paint and a few new knobs. What I have spent on stiff knees, time will tell. I had naively thought that painting the kitchen cabinets would only take a day or two but now have revised that timetable to a month or two.

No worries...I am enjoying the process as much as the results.  The area of the space that houses the washer and dryer is complete and am so very, very happy at how it has turned out.

 A Classic American Farmhouse look. Love it.  
Fritz and the boys brought the rest of our furniture and belongings out of storage and into the home over the weekend and my attention turned to rediscovering the treasures and memories hidden away for some time now. I will admit to shedding a tear or two while unpacking some of my children's drawings, books, teddy's and favorite toys that I have kept. And here I thought that this farm was helping me get over the loss of the motherhood years!
Fritz's parents, brother and wife made a short visit right at the moment my camera battery died. We were so happy that Oma and Opa have seen our farm, but they will have to come back for photos.
Soon. Real Soon.
Lent is a time to repair ourselves and renew our spirits as well. The weekend provided me the opportunity to work physically and mentally on that. Wonder what discovery is out there next?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Two Months In

Our farmstead adventure began 2 months ago.  As I reflect on how happy my heart is and how tired my back is, I am astonished at all we have accomplished in short time.  Painting every surface save the kitchen and two bathrooms is complete. Shades are hung and door refinishing is nearing an end. Carpeting in the added on portions of the house is fully installed. The floors in the oldest section of the home have turned out beautiful.

and the befores:

On the outside, the fence lines have been tidied up, planting beds have been started

 and  scenery gazing chairs put together.

The barn roof destroyed by wind will be replaced this week, but we do still need to spend some time clearing the trees that were also downed by those powerful winds. (boys?) We found several fox holes on the property and closed them up, although I suspect that won't solve the problem. I think it best not to invest in laying hens just yet. Good thing I can get these beauties just down the road at Willow Grove Farm.

We've set up our real bed in it's permanent place (yea! more moving hard to carry mattrasses from one room floor to another every weekend!) and moved several other pieces of furniture in with hope of getting lots more moved in this coming weekend (boys?).

A tired back is easily cured with rest, but a happy heart needs lots of nourishment. Our family farm is just that.  A peaceful spot for family and friends to gather and enjoy each other. My thankfulness to my husband for this place can never be fully expressed. And my thankfulness to my children for sharing in the dream with me (and forgiving me for my many moments of inpatience on the journey to get here) is what makes it all worthwhile.

Despite the snow on the mountains over the weekend, our 1st Spring in the Valley should be a beauty.

Join us, won't you?