Monday, June 20, 2016

Red Stone Glen

We journeyed three hours up the road over the weekend to the Red Stone Glen Fiber Arts Center open house. I was in need little fiber inspiration now that I have all this wool from my very own sheep. Husband was a trooper volunteering...even insisting.. to drive me despite a long list of farm chores to get done.

The open house was pretty low key but it was fun to see some fiber animals of different sorts.
And fiber equipment of all sorts.

Flax processing equipment or fiber arts torture chamber?

But my sought after inspiration was natural dying with plants.

So I came home with and promptly planted 12 indigo plants.
Another adventure awaits.
As we were leaving Red Stone, Fritz mentioned that there was another open house nearby that he just happened to know about...

He has a street bike. He has a trail bike.
But apparently he needs a trail bike that is street legal.