Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy, Busy

Having way more fun with the grandsons in town than I ever thought possible.
City to country, back to city with trips to the shop, zoo (we had the place to ourselves!) and maybe a toy store.
Then back to the country.

Playing in the new rock box Papa Fritz built.

And breaking just a few rules..

Up just a tiny, tiny bit past bed time ;)

A chocolate chip tasting party. 

Well, OK...maybe more than a few.

 Turning my back for just a moment

 Leaf pile jumping, Country style

and because the boys apparently don't have any leaves to play with in California, a little fun on a walk in the city.

And helping with farm chores.

Hmmm....I am not sure this is the most efficient way to clean out spilled straw from the barn.


Monday, November 26, 2012

The Saturday post Thanksgiving Family Fun Day at the Farm was wonderful.
All mine were here and lots of extended family as well.

 General fun and frolic.

Ma, her Ray and all but three of her grandchildren.

The required bonfire to end a perfect day.

Yes...I cooked for them all!
I think I rather like this new tradition.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting Ready

As a little girl, I loved to help my mother polish silver. She only had a few family pieces, but each were special to her. Our holiday meals were often meager, so the sparkle on the table showed the importance of the occasion.
At a favored Aunt's house hoverer, the silver pieces were abundant. I would help her polish as well, but for an everyday meal of cold cuts. From her I learned words like Gorham and Tiffany. She was the collector of the family silver and china as other relatives passed on, but more importantly, she was the curator of the family stories that went with each. During our polishing sessions, she made sure I knew the stories well.
When I came of age to set up my own home, Aunt Jean began to pass on some of the family pieces to me one by one over 27 years. Some of the closest to my heart and among the first she gave me are a couple of candy dishes. One is engraved with her mother's, my beloved Aunt Mildred's, monogram. The other I spent many afternoons lining up the Shraftt's thin mints in their delicate white paper sleeves, just so.
And so I polish.
 And sparkle with  the memories of women I love.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Sorta Voted..

After having never missed the opportunity to cast a ballot since becoming of age, I ran into a snag this morning. 

Decked out in a carefully planned RW&B outfit, properly poofed and polished, new voter card in hand for my new precinct (city side)...
I went to the polls.
Following all the rules, standing in the line..
Getting to address verification station...
Presenting my card and ID...

My name was not on the precinct roll.
"But I have this official card issued by the Commonwealth that tells me to vote here.
How can this be??? " in my kindest voice.

Head officials were brought over, calls were made, voter advocates observing from both parties watched with interest..

A suspicion of clerical error, but no resolution.
Instead I was given a Provisional Ballot to fill out and seal.
Supporting evidence of voter eligibility attached.
Signatures affixed. 
By Friday, an election officer will determine whether or not I am a duly registered voter.
If so, my ballot will then be opened an counted. 

I am in one of those swing states the candidates have been (over) focused on.
I want my vote to count. 

So if the race does indeed become too close to call,
and we are all waiting for the provisional ballots to be verified and counted,
think of me.
I will be in hiding.