Wednesday, September 20, 2023

For the Soul Retreat

Just what my soul needed.

What my body and mind and heart needed. 

A week in Moultonborough, New Hampshire with 14 new to me fascinating women figuring out what the post family rearing and careers life will look like. 

Boat rides of all sorts,

An absolutely fabulous art instructor

with plenty of space inside and out for painting, drawing and contemplating.

Great healthy food, conversations and activities.

With a bit of silliness, fun and laughter.

I arrived home feeling light. Somehow those burden stones I had been carrying around found their way out of my soul and into one of those quintessential New England stone walls I have admired so much. 

My intention for the week was to find courage. 
To try new things, to travel solo, to live as best I can in this chapter of life.
So looking forward to new adventures.