Monday, September 16, 2019

New Life

Finding enthusiasm, rhythm and purpose in this new life of mine has not come with as much ease.
That is how it should be with love. This I know will be better with patience.

A bright spot has been welcoming this New Life into my heart.

Meet Frances now nearly two months old.

With both of her grandmothers knitters, Miss Frances is sure to be kept warm and cozy.

My contribution thus far is a shawl blanket started last January when we first learned that # 9 was on the way.

I worked on it during those last months that Fritz was so weak while sitting at his side,
each of us encouraging the other in all the ways that matter. 

So in a very real way, wrapping wee Frances in this shawl was like wrapping her in her Papa's Love.

Now all my babies have babies of their own. 

A circle complete.