Thursday, July 21, 2016

This Day

The sun taking a peak,

The damp darker area around the house growing lots of things that like damp and dark,

 Some very hungry creatures attacking my parsley,

 The usual cast doing their usual thing,

 The early morning haul from the garden,

that was followed by snapping and chopping, blanching and freezing, pepper jelly making and canning, and of course very good eating.
BUT meanwhile....
elsewhere in the yard...

There was a bit of clatter going on going on.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Mary and Martha

I love the Martha side of me. Both in the Gospel sense and the Stewart sense.
I so enjoy the work of hospitality.
Cooking, serving...
All of it.
But sometimes having the opportunity to play Mary is so lovely.

Anna Maria Island, Florida

To sit and listen.

To be present in the moment.

To play.

To be served.

Kate is such a wonderful cook and hostess

To be thankful
 for the opportunity to visit my Kate and her family in their new home so soon as we delivered Frankie the dog back to them.

{By way of Brunch in Savannah!}

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happiness is...

A weekend with Tucker all to ourselves!

 And we sure did make the most of it.
 Lots of walks.

Fun at bath time.

Shelling peas from the garden for his lunch under Oma's watchful eye.
Along with the ever present guard dogs (one belongs to to Tucker, the other on loan. Both made sure we took care of the babe at all times) .

An interest in becoming a future BI Cardinal.

And most importantly,
Letting us know he approves of the view.
We know Tucker. We know.

I hope your weekend was filled with the good in the world as well.
Peace to all 
and Many Thanks Jojo and Fifi!  
We loved every moment!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Fibery Friday

I had such big plans for this years Tour de France Fleece. I was going to dust off my bicycle spinning wheel and dedicate myself to getting in shape turning all that wool from my sheep

Carnie and Mac in the front. Leo and Hassie behind.
 into lovely yarn. 
But then June happened with it's sorrows and delights and my heart was focused on relations and emotions and the page turned to July before I even thought about getting that dusting rag out.
As it should be. 

So I am a week late for the tour.
Spinning in motion

But working hard today and catching up nicely.

Just as soon as I get another three hundred yards of Carnie in skeins, I will hopefully be carding more of Mac on the Paul Brittan drum carder I picked up From the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

My plan for the TdeF was to spin this roving along with some mohair I won in last year's tour.
We will see.
 Not quite sure if that's the best course. 

One secret project is ever so slowly coming along. 

The other is hibernating so well that I am not even sure where it is.

My indigo plants are doing well. Doubled in size already. Big bunches of leaves should be ready to harvest in the fall. You good people will have to remind me to save time to play with dying what with this happy event going on and all. 

I hope you have a fun and productive day as well
Happy Friday to all.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

It's a beautiful day here at Lindenberry.

I have tried to get some of the pretty gardens even prettier this year. They are coming along nicely.

The veggie gardens grow well too.

It is quiet here.
Nice for a day or two, but then I miss 
my helper. 

Sheep counting is really important!

and all the grands.

Lucky for me one will be back this weekend. 
We will have so much fun.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

One Papa, Four Boys and the Railroad

Cass, West Virginia
 An old saw mill company town and now home to a scenic railroad excursion.

Long on Papa Fritz's bucket list to do with some of the grandsons for a while now,
{and I am quite sure there will be a return trip with Tucker and his family some day}
discovered on our bike trip along the Greenbrier River Trail.

I do believe it was a successful outing!

My Kate and her family start their journey to their new home this weekend.
So happy for all the time we've had with them.
Safe travels my loves.