Thursday, November 19, 2015

(Another) Walk in the Woods

No secret I love my mountains. Even better than that is hiking those mountains. Not too many local to me share that notion, some even mocking it. Walking along trails alone never seemed a smart idea but on this bright blue beautiful day I couldn't bear to waste any more time.... to waste any more of these short lives we are given.
 So I set out solo. 

By the time I reached the trail that I had been pining to explore for years, the sky had grown foggy, cool and dismal. Having spent way too much time waiting to Live this stage of life to it's fullest, I was not deterred and set out anyway.

So happy I did.

Who lives here?

The rock eating tree.

Coming across reminders of how the land was once used was fascinating. Contemplating the lives that the mountain people lived before they were forced to leave when Shenandoah National Park was created gave me more than just a moment of pause. 

Old stone fences have such a story to tell.

I trust they were not much different than I, simply wanting to live content lives, balancing out hard work with pleasures among their families.

Next time, I will not be too timid to cross on my own

I think I will venture out on more hikes alone, when I make moments without family obligations and other duties happen.
{It's so important to do so.}
Unless of course, you'd like to join me. 

Playing in the leaves is not wasteful. 
Never ever. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

She Shoots Sheep Shots

That would be the incredible Gale Zucker, a fine lady, professional photographer and oh so wonderful teacher of her trade. 

As for me, it may be a while before I absorb and practice all I learned in her most recent workshop I was lucky enough to attend. 

Perhaps the greater benefit was a
 full day spent talking yarn and sheep and photos and projects among like minded ladies.

Of course having the day before with the eldest grandson all to myself at the farm was pretty special as well. So grateful to my Kate and her Kev for giving me All the Marme time this heart of mine needs.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Life Goes On...

...and after a wonderful Celebration of our Ray's Life, I hope it will be filled with more moments like this:

My Joey, Ma and her newest great grandson