Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Party On

The Holiday Weekend Party continued with 17 members of my extended family coming to the farm for fun, frolic and a general good time!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Welcome Friends

During his high school days, our Tommy had a wonderful group of friends that made the parenting side of raising a teenager a lot of fun. They hail from a fantastic group of parents that seemed to be on the same page with regard to child rearing and I am very thankful for all the fun parties and safe, good times they provided for our teens. Proud to call them friends as well. 
 After a year apart attending various different colleges, it's great to see that these kids friendships have not wavered. A few of them were able to visit the farm this weekend and had the best time. They bounced from one activity to another...swimming, riding, target shooting with the BB gun, a roaring bon fire...

How happy do you think I am seeing my farm enjoyed so much by others? And best of all...
Motherhood continues!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meanwhile, Back in the City...

The snow has disapeared in the condo parking lot

That's our bedroom window top left facing WSW...the rest of the apartment and it's balconies are around the corner facing North to Washington, D.C. Those views still make me smile too!

King Street is alive and well. The sidewalk cafes that I love so much are open and ready for Fritz and I to have a date night in the city.

I can stroll to the grocery store

and now that they are all currently working together this summer,

I can prepare a nice lunch in the galley condo kitchen and walk it over to these men of mine in my handy dandy customized basket

(thanks kate!)

Life is Good


Monday, May 23, 2011

So There We Were...

....sitting on our front porch with a sigh after handing our Grandson back to his parents...talking about how wonderful our time with him was...and how much we are going to miss times like these when he is far away in California when this appeared....

...and I am duly reminded to always count my Blessings...

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Went to North Carolina a few days ago with the intention of helping my daughter prepare for baby #2 and  to help get her home ready for the upcoming move. But Child #1 caught my attention and, well...what's a Marme to do?

On a Whim, I convinced Dear Daughter that she and her husband could best prepare for the upcoming Blessed Event with a little rest and relaxation....and that I would be happy to take the grandson to the farm with me for the weekend so that could happen...AND IT WORKED!

So off we went before DD and SIL could think too much and change their minds. Setting out on a five hour trip with a toddler might have been a challenge, but we just had the best time playing games, finding things out the car windows and singing songs. As we pulled into the driveway, my grandson got sooooooo excited. He loves the farm. 

We started with a little front porch sippin'

then headed out back to see what Cullen remembered (everything)

he found some quite a few of his mom and uncle's treasured toys

and helped me in the garden

and helped himself in the garden

and that was all just in the first few hours....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Making Progress

Fritz and I came to our resting point after the weekend's farm work not feeling as tired as we usually do. Either we didn't work hard enough or perhaps better, we are getting used to it. We pretty much crossed off everything we set out to do, so I am content.

 The rainy weekend gave the craft room a chance to see some action.

 Some of the kitchen sewing projects got a start (although I have not yet finished the painting). 

Out doors the garden seems to like all the rain we have had the past few days..

                                                     ..and the apples are growing nicely..

Pretty soon, I may have time for a little knitting...
...on the front porch with a tall glass at hand..