Saturday, August 13, 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

Learn from the way the wildflowers grow...
 {the quote inscribed on a frame my daughter gave us the night before her wedding. 
It is verse from the Book of Matthew, her and Kev's chosen reading for their Nuptials}.

I often like a little order in my Life. Things a certain place or a particular way. 
Dignified.  Refined.  Normal.
To an extent.

Then I love to look at what appears to be unruly Chaos and see the good that can spout from it. 

{My neglected compost bins. But look closely and all around for the treasures that have emerged from my lack of turning and taming the heap:

an eye level pumpkin

and volunteer sunflowers}.

Too much conformity and tidiness is not a good thing.  

It's like that in Nature and Life and Families.

A little freedom to bloom where one lands and changes in the wind promotes creativity and innovation.

{Last years pigs left behind a few mementos from the garden scrapes I fed them,

pumpkin and squashes everywhere they where. Quite organic in the most profound way.}.

 Maybe a few pleasant surprises along the way.

My children now grown, are scattered about like wildflowers.
 Still learning and growing each in their own way. 
Blessed to have their Loves alongside them to blossom how they are intended. 
For that I am Happy. 

I have much to learn from them now in return.

Arrangement courtesy of my mother and her roadside walk.