Monday, June 27, 2011

Eating My Words

My husband loves motors. Of any kind. The louder the better.
 Drives. Me. Crazy. 
We have 4 different machines to mow with at the farm.
 He uses them all. Just 'cause he can.
We don't have a snow shovel, we have a (huge) snowblower. We don't have a rake, we have a (too heavy to use) leaf blower, etc.

After 6 weeks of trying to keep the wire grass from totally taking over my veggie rows and patches with these

and this,

Husband bought me this.

What had been taking me all day took just a few moments.
I  love   like motors.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

After all the years of looking for just the right country place, I wondered whether it would be too late for it to be enjoyed by our family. Were my children too old to consider it home? Would they find it as wonderful a place to be as we do? Would our siblings be too involved in their own lives and families to even come see the place. Would the be bored if they did?

To that I can add that we ate the first cucumbers from the garden and harvested many young onions for various dishes over the weekend. While I missed my Europe trotting oldest and youngest boys, I was happy, happy  to see this boy of mine having so much fun. His smile is infectious even through the helmet!

 Many thanks to my Mom's Ray for taking over the mowing duties (Next time wear boots Ray!)

 I continue to discover more and more 'nothing specials'.

And my SIL from Kansas who understandably sometimes feels overwhelmed by my family's exuberance (or maybe it was the noise from the dirt bikes, tractor and mower running all at once) found my front porch to be a quiet and peaceful get-a-way just as I do.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

A little nap latter, we arrived at the farm just in time to see Farmer Gayle and his sons cutting and baling the hay in our fields.

 How excited do you think the 2 year old was about that ?!

and the fun continued:

More total disregard for bed times
Exploring the garden
 Saying hi to the cows
Making cookies

Playing cars
Playing trains

Helping with the grocery shopping
Playing in the rocks with the tractor

Rearranging all the bottom farmhouse kitchen cabinets too
More cuddle time on Marme's big bed
Walking along the Hawksbill River and watching the ducks

Seeing Farmer Gayle and his sons come back to pick up the hay

Conquering walking down the steps frontwards
Being reunited with Momma

...and Papa Fritz meeting Baby Bennett for the first time

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Date With Marme

While Dear Daughter tended to her newborn and the packers and movers for the big adventure to California, I got to have a bit of very special Cullen time. Kate and I met halfway to make the child exchange and Great Grandma came along for the ride.
(but really to meet baby Bennett)

 In the past 30 hours we have:
Played Cars
Played animals
Had fun in the bath
Practiced hitting the right buttons in the elevator
Walked to and from the shop several times
Played chase with the uncles through out the apartment
(sorry folks a floor below us)
Took a walk along the Potomac River

Dropped 2 uncles off at the airport and saw lots of planes
Made friends with lots of people in marme's "tower"
Fixed a few cars at Papa's shop
Had a special lunch at Trolley Stop in Ellicott City, MD
Learned to launch ruberbands with the index finger
Had just a few forbidden snacks

Made a trip to the Choo Choo Store
(alias for the toy store)
Had lots of cuddle time on Marme's bed
Learned how to get the door to the apartment open to the hallway
(thank goodness for the upper dead bolt)
Rearranged the lower cabinets in the kitchen
Found rocks to throw in the river

and totally disregarded nap and bedtime rules.

Then we packed up and headed to the farm.
(and the fun will begin!)

Mystical Mornings

There is a moment, just before dawn that draws me in.
Calms me.
 Centers me.
It is a time when the birds start their singing to signal my rise and join in their preparations for the day.
A moment of solitude and deep, deep breath. A brief rest from the worry of the challenges the day may bring to those I love. A moment of Thanksgiving for all the goodness surrounding me.

The stillness of the land. The quiet. The mist.

 The wonder at the new that has evolved over night.

I am not alone in the understanding and renewal that moment offers. My oldest knows it well.

And then...
 God seems to open one eye,

clear the haze and another day is born.

I can only hope to use it well.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It Grows!

The neighbor's corn,

My Garden

The carrots, the cabbage and the tomatoes 

The sweet potatoes, the beans and the onions,

The apples, the blueberries and the strawberries,

An no doubt, by the time I see him in a few days, this little Love will have grown plenty!