Every Story Has a Begining...

...or does it? The story of how this blog came to be started with an ending really.
The very first post, August 23, 2010:

The Empty Nest

  All I ever wanted to be was a Mom. And a Good Wife. And a Proficient Housekeeper. And a Good Cook. And Grow my own Food. And Knit. And Sew. And Have a Happy Family that was all the better for it. Not what a young girl coming of age when the Equal Rights Amendment was suppose to give women the opportunity to BE something so much Better. But there I was just wanting to be a Mom. I wanted to have the look of contentment that Katie Douglas had as she lay her sons down for a rest. And make cookies with pearls on just like June Cleaver. And knit like Elizabeth Zimmerman. And Understand food like Alice Waters. And Make a pie crust as pretty as Martha's.  
    I did go to college ..got a couple of degrees and had the opportunity to put them to use. But all I really  wanted to do is be a Mom.
   And I have LOVED that chosen vocation! All of it.

I just moved my youngest of 4 into his dorm room.
And so the journey of Life after MotherHood begins...

and Life went on from there, learning that it was just the beginning of a great journey of love and friendship. We left suburbia and moved to a tower in the city and concurrently a farm in the Shenandoah Valley. That story lives along the posts of the blog. Explore.