Saturday, February 25, 2012


Fritz has been trying for some time to get his parents back out for a visit to The Farm. A 65 degree day off work in February provided just the opportunity to show up at their house and say "Come on, lets go."

 Oma was a bit unsure of the short trip, prefering these days to stay close to the familiar and her home. But as soon as she stepped on to the property all she could say, over and over, was "How Beautiful." I saw her relax instanly and we had a lovely morning chatting and looking at pictures. She shared many a story of doing 'farm work' as a young girl growing up in Germany between 2 world wars. Her experiences were primative at best, but those oft told stories provide deeper meaning and imagery now that I call a farm home.  

Opa on the other hand was giddy. He said he felt like a kid going on a field trip. The men took off to the tractor big boy toy store right away. They managed to come back with an implement or two and lots of stories. He headed out to the man-shed to explain just what to do and how to do it.

 Expertise is some thing we are lacking and Opa has so much knowledge and experience to share from his hard working life.

Opa (with Uncle Bernard ) operating one of his father-in-laws farming machines in Shoppingen, Germany

We are happy to be good listeners.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Farm Name?

Our poor little homestead is still nameless. Recently, I asked my young adult kiddos for some more ideas for a farm name that were unique to us as a family. Something sentimental. Something that speaks to the beauty and serenity of this place in the country that I love so much. Something that evokes an image of pastoral peace.

 Here are just a few of their ever quick witted responses:

Whiskey Ridge
Fritz's Beer Barn
Knit One, Raised 4, Drank 9

Belevebeer Plantation. The Drunkin Patch.

Well, at the least the last is somewhat sentimental. Our longstanding Halloween tradition is to go to the Pumpkin patch at Belvedere Plantation Farms.

Honestly, I have no idea why my offspring think that partaking of the spirits is synonymous with the farm.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I am officially giving up on these mittens.

I love the pattern, the style, the texture, the colors...but working with this yarn
 ( Brooklyn Tweed's Loft)
has been miserable. Yes miserable. I knit because I love the process. It is relaxing. Soothing.
Having to fight with a yarn that pulls apart as it's being worked is just not worth it. The gals at my local yarn shop tried to give me a few pointers for working with this 'soft spun yarn', but it simply isn't a good fit for my knitting style.
So this guy will remain thumbless and never meet his mate.

Taking it's place is a cabled vest that I am loving working up although I did have 3 false starts before I got it going in earnest. The cable pattern is a bit trickier than it looks with very subtle changes in the rhythm.

Hoping to get it done before I am off to see my little loves next week.
10 more days.


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Friday, February 17, 2012

Dead Stuff

Sometimes you just have to work with what's available.


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Monday, February 6, 2012

Think beyond what you know.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Milestone

Tomorrow marks a year since we went to settlement on our farm.
It feels so much longer.
 Like I have lived this life all along. 
Many thanks to all you have visited, helped paint,
fix, plant, mow and share the vision in person or with encouragement through comments.

Much Love and Peace to all.
Stick with your dreams.
It happens.


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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Cleverness!

A while back, I had found a photo of a plate rack that I thought would be a good addition to the farmhouse kitchen. I came across it again recently, showed it to the husband and half (but not really) jokingly asked him to build me one.
A bit later I found him in the garage with the left over chair rail and baseboard from the dining room project.

Which became this lovely platter rack.

The base board became the sides and lower shelves,

while the chair rail serves as the upper shelves and back bracing.

So clever and wonderful of him.

Thank-you Fritz.

. I Love it as much as all the family treasures it holds.
All came from women I love. My Kate gave me a few as Christmas presents. One was a wedding gift of my parents. Another came from Germany via my mother-in-law. Most belonged to grandmothers and beloved aunts and great-aunts.
I have continued to use each regularly over the years, just as they had.
 What better way to keep their love and memory alive in my heart.