Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A long time ago, as a young wife navigating through Holidays...or Sundays...or everydays, I promised myself that I would remember how hard it was to fit time in for just our own growing little family with in-laws, parents, and the associated siblings all living so close and all wanting us to be with each of them for Everything.
So I told my adult kiddos that as long as they would give us a random weekend all together here and there, I would let them off the hook for the major Holidays. {well, at least for most some of the time}

They obliged quite well and gave us this:

An Impromptu Random Weekend
in March.
A collective 1800 miles were traveled for all my loves to be together for a couple of meals and LOTS and LOTS of laughter.

It was more than Perfect.

The skies were clear blue, but the air quite crisp. No one seemed to mind.
Thank You My Loves!