Saturday, April 9, 2022

A Fritz Day Walk

 What better way to celebrate the man than being outdoors with family and fun.

We met along the Shenandoah River so I could share one of my favorite spring events in these parts: the Blue Belles.

We spotted other spring flowers, 

and interesting sights.

And boys, being boys...found some fun of their own. 

It's been three years since my beloved went to be with the Angels. I celebrate his life and his love for us everyday, but this particular anniversary was filled with extra smiles and extra comfort. Many thanks to all my family for sharing the day in their own ways with me. 

Love always finds a way.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

 With the cold and snow in Virginia, I took the opportunity to escape to the warmth of Florida recently. 

Pretty, but oh so cold!

Except that the sunshine state at that time was experiencing record breaking cold temperatures.

No worries when my Andy showed up with his Frances. That kind of love will warm one's heart the way that nothing else can. 

We tried the beach, just to say we did, but spent most of the time on indoor activities. The Elliot Museum was fascinating. Andy walked me through it and told me that this was the place where he first became inspired to seek his engineering degree. Having the time to have conversations with one's adult children is enlightening. 

Wonder what Fritz would have thought of this?

Next up was the Children's Museum. Frances had so much fun. I think Andy may have too. 

                                                                       We ate a lot,

 laughed a lot had great chats and enjoyed looking for shells on the beach to bring back to Momma and baby Henry. 


                                    Thank you my son. Nothing better than the gift of time.

Monday, January 10, 2022

Still Knitting

For the girls who turned four! this past Autumn. 

One sweater that twirls,

one based on a favorite book.

A few things for me,

The Knights who Knit: a mystery knit-along.
Cotton Linen blend. Was a fun project to work on. 

one can never have too many wool socks on these cold days. 

A summery linen shawl for what was to be an Italy trip. 
Maybe someday.

 A blanket for our newest grandchild Henry. {#11!},

 and the current work in progress

A soon to be cardigan. 

Handspun yarn from mighty Mac, one of my sheep. Loving how this is working up despite a lumpy, bumpy inconsistent spinning job. Maybe I will pretend I planned it that way? 


Take Care and Be Well,


Friday, December 24, 2021

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

All Together....

...after a great long pause.

Carrying on just as Fritz willed us to. 

Doing all the things that make

His presence was everywhere. 

Especially in the Smiles!

Always Celebrate Life.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

The Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail

 It's rather sad that rail travel no longer is as viable as it once was. At least the former lines and passages have been put to good re-use by providing us outdoors types many new trails to explore. 
The tunnel it self is over 4000 feet long with so many interesting details to see if one takes the time to look and appreciate. (and have a lantern [I did not] and ask a lot of questions [I certainly did])

{the ceiling}

{there where many grooves like this throughout. I was told they were the drilled holes for dynamite when blasting out the tunnel}

{just a few leaks}

                 Thank goodness there's always light at the end of 
         the tunnel. 

{remnants of it's former life}

Quite a lovely walk and most enjoyable day. 

Perhaps the best was meeting and chatting with the folks in the Southern Shenandoah Valley Chapter of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club. It was a very small group because of Cov....well you know why...
I look forward to more.