Thursday, December 18, 2014


The long wait and fearful moments are over.

Just in time for Christmas

Monday, December 15, 2014

Granny Day Camp

Helping my mother make her fudge for all of her grands and great grands. All 22 of them collectively.

That would be a lot of fudge.
Then combining our Christmas treasures to decorate our home.
The tree and poinsettias are mine, the angel and Nativity hers. 

My MIL helping me make Christmas cookies.

We find it best to keep her mind focused on short repetitive tasks.
She is glad to be useful and I am glad for the help.
Just sad that this moment is already lost to her memory.
But then...
...a reminder that the sunsets of our lives are beautiful no matter what. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sometimes a waaaayyyyy slow internet is a really good thing.
 Like last Saturday when we called the provider to get our line checked and they sent out Darren The Cable Guy pronto (not next Friday or two weeks from Tuesday, but right away!).
Darren the Cable Guy arrived in the midst of yours truly attempting to bone a 15 pound fresh ham on it's way to becoming prosciutto. He was in and out, inspecting wires, hooking up test equipment, talking GTO restorations with the husband, observing me wrestling with the beast and then told us that we really should come to his friend's family Two Day Pork Processing Event just down the road this winter.
An opportunity to learn and to meet some more members of our community.
I went on to rubbing down said ham with loads of garlic and cinnamon and cloves and other good stuff while Darren the Cable Guy untangled the maze of wire in the cellar and got us back up to speed. Before leaving, he noticed my vast array of mason jars and canning supplies and asked me about some of my colored jars. That lead somehow to talking about honey and hives. Of course it did.  It seems Darren the Cable Guy is also treasurer of the local bee keepers guild. I will be joining the group in February when they start up for the new year. 
More to learn with help and support.
Win, win. 

We got the would be prosciutto all salted down ready to go into the press that Fritz had fashioned up, when Darren the Cable Guy showed back up an hour later.

With a gift for me.

A jar of his own home grown honey.
 It is good sometimes to have a waaayyy slow internet connection.