Monday, July 8, 2019

Back on the Trail

I honestly didn't think the re-imaged life I am working hard on figuring out would include my love of hiking. Solo with nature is fine for my mental health, just not the safest for one's physical well being.

But we are always provided with just what we need, just when we need it. 
My eldest grandson wanted a little alone time with Marme at the farm asked for an adventure.
So off we went. 

I had hiked Black Hollow Falls many times. 
Experiencing it through the wonderment of a ten year old caused my heart to leap. 

A chorus of questions and observations ensued...

"What's that plant"?

"Listen to that birdsong"

"What kind of flower is that"

"Oh wow. Look Marme"!

"I hear water. We must be getting close"

"WOW!!! That is amazing"

And my favorite:
"I am so happy we came here"

A few days later, we were joined by his family.
 The brothers also wanted an adventure.

The Lion's Tale Trail was a good option for young legs and minds.
 It's a short flat hike with interactive prompts along the way perfect for spurring boys imaginations. 

{can you see the dinosaur?}

The favorite was the wading creek.

 Skipping rocks and finding 'shark's teeth'.
 Because when you are three years old, it is simple ok for shallow rocky creeks in the mountains to have a treasure trove of ocean dwelling creature's dentures.  

Thank you my loves.
Nature is a great healer.
Grandchildren even more so.